Zweli Nokhatywa

Mr Zweli Nokhatywa has dedicated and committed his life to the Community Radio Sector since 1996 to date serving in different roles throughout his career. Mr Nokhatywa volunteered for Zibonele Community Radio since March 1996 for 14 and a half years with a short break of two years and returned again.

Mr Nokhatywa volunteered without expecting any reward and played an instrumental role in the development of the station to what it is today. Instead, he utilised his own resources to advance the station, i.e. Car to assist with ferrying presenters home and to events and Cellphone for live broadcasts in the Province or outside of the Western Cape Province.

He presented different programmes and assisted in the establishment of a Marketing and Sales Department which managed to bring in R97,000 from a zero bank balance in 1997. He currently presents the Breakfast show that boasts the highest listenership according to the latest RAMS. Mr. Nokhatywa facilitated through his broadcasting skills the establishment of a Listeners Club that is still active and operational till this day.

Mr. Nokhatywa had won numerous awards, including the prestigious Consumer Journalist of the Year Award in 2006 through the Department of Trade and Industry which was a competition run through all media sectors, PBS, Commercial, Print and Community media. The nominee with the highest votes won the competition and Mr.

Nokhatywa won the award. He served on the Board of Directors of Zibonele FM for (9) nine years in different positions as Volunteer Representative, Secretary, Treasurer and amongst the milestones achieved during his tenure was the decision to move the station from the shipping containers in Town Two to a better premises in Ilitha Park due to the bad weather conditions that affected the station especially during Winter and windy seasons.

The building of a 30 Meter Mast pole was also a great achievement of the time. Mr Nokhatywa got involved and initiated community development projects through the programmes that he presents, i.e. School Shoes project, Mandela Day Celebration participation, collecting clothing donations for areas in our communities that are affected by winter fires and storms. Another ouststanding initiative is that of getting listeners to donate food hampers at the end of the year to those families who had no income of any sort during the year and might not have anything to eat during the festive season, encouraging the spirit of Ubuntu amongst the community.

The project is well supported by the listeners and collects between 16 – 24 food hampers during the festive season to be distributed to needy families. Mr Nokhatywa has always selflessly given back to the community by training up and coming Presenters to become the best at what they do and some of them have moved on to greener pastures and had obtained employment with either bigger media houses or Government Departments.

He further spread his wings by voluntarily assisting Cape Town TV with presenting some of their programmes since inception in 2008 to 2017, covering magazine programs and talkshows, like Open Sudio, AmadleloAluhlaza,(Program about cultural matters) IiNdwendweNbahambi (Programme against Xenophobia) China Hour (A documentary cum magazine program that profiles the lives of the Chinese people, looking at food, the way of life, culture, tourist destinations through the eyes of the local people) IMBADU Ngasebuhlanti (A magazine programme profiling communities and developmental achievements and challenges from the communities) presented hardcore issues but in a way that looks at a wholelistic approach in a fun and entertaining way. Mr Nokhatywa currently presents the Breakfast show for the past five years and in 2017 joined the Management Team as the Program/Content Manager. The listenership has growing tremendously form 161, 000 to 269, 000 currently according to the latest RAMS. In 2018 Mr. Nokhatywa was inducted into the Liberty Hall of Fame. The station has entered various awards and being finalists’ in the Liberty Radio Awards in three different categories, i.e. Best Breakfast show, Best Sports program and Best Current Affairs program. We have won the Best Gospel Presenter of the Year from the INgoma Awards. SATMA Award for the Best Traditional Community Radio DJ, NCWR, Best Children’s Programme. Mr. Nokhatywa’s You Tube TV Programmes has a huge following and viewership with some exceeding 200, 000 views. Mr Nokhatywa has over 14 years’ experience as Human Resources Manager and Marketing Manager in the corporate environment respectively.


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