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Patricia De lille’s Party already causing a stir in the Democratic Alliance

The DA national spokesperson Solly Malatsi says Patricia De Lille’s plan to start a new party does not pose any threat to the DA’s support base in the Western Cape and elsewhere in the country. Sunday De Lille announced that she would reveal the name of her party in two weeks’ time. Her party will contest 2019’s national elections in all nine provinces.


Jason Rohde’s trial postponed to the 5th of December

Sentencing procedures in the trial of former property mogul Jason Rohde have postponed to the fifth of next month in the High Court in Cape Town. Rohde was convicted two weeks ago after murdering his wife at the Spier Wine Estate near Stellenbosch in 2016. The defence told the court that it needs more time to consult with Rohde’s daughters who will be witnesses in mitigation of sentence. Defence advocate, Abraham van der Spuy, argued that he needs more time to consult with experts like a psychologist and Rohde’s friend who has agreed to testify about his good character. Rohde’s bail of one-million-rand has been revoked.


Pravin Gordhan speaks on the financial allegations with the Guptas

Gordhan talks about pressure “from within our own ranks” but said neither he or Treasury would meet with the banks. Gordhan brings up the “task team” or “sub-committee” chaired by Mosebenzi Zwane, which also included Mildred Oliphant and later Faith Muthambi as members. Gordhan says he never attended any of the task team’s meetings. Gordhan says according to both internal and external legal advice Treasury received, they could not intervene in the matter. Gordhan says he met with representatives from the company and told them to go to court and attempt to have their bank accounts reopened. Gordhan: “I believed they had no chance of winning the matter in court.” Pretorius is leading Gordhan’s evidence on the closure of the Guptas’ bank accounts. Gordhan mentions his interactions with Oakbay’s Nazeem Howa, who was pressuring him to intervene in the matter. Gordhan says the stance taken was that they could not and would not intervene. Proceedings are now under way at the commission of inquiry and Advocate Paul Pretorius has launched straight into it, continuing to lead Pravin Gordhan’s evidence.


Who earns what in Palierment

Chairpersons of Parliamentary Committees now earn close to one-point-five-million-rands per year. The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has published salary increases of public office bearers in the government gazette. The four per cent increase is effective from the first of April to March next year. The Speaker and NCOP Chairperson earn the same as the Deputy President and the Chief Justice, standing at close to 3-million rands for this financial year (2 938 488). The Deputy Speaker and Deputy NCOP Chairperson earn over 2-million rands (2 056 907), the same as Deputy Ministers. This is followed by House Chairpersons in the National Assembly and the NCOP earning more than 1-point-nine-million rands (1 910 035). The Chief Whip of the majority party and the one in the NCOP, the leader of the Official Opposition and the Parliamentary Councillors of the Presidency and Deputy earn over 1- point -six-million- rands (1 623 888). The Deputy Chief Whip of the majority party and largest minority parties and leaders of minority parties get over 1-point-three-million rands( 1 328 728). Whips of parties earn over 1-point-two-million rands ( 1 232 993) and permanent delegates of the NCOP and National Assembly MPs all earn just over 1-point one- million rands (1 123 140).

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