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Written by on 03/12/2018

Zibonele FM Radio Awards

First a warm congratulations to all nominated and a standing ovation for all the winners, The event was an extreme success with everyone dressed to impress looking wonderfully for the occasion from the invited guests to the station’s presenters.

The speeches were heart warming, from the Station Manager Mawande Jara sharing how well he works with the managers and how appreciative he is for having to work with dedicated and outstanding presenters. The event also had the honor of having Mthetheli Vellem who is the stations Deputy Chairperson of the Board who have shared the journey of the station and the outstanding work and transformation the station has been able to achieve and thanked the Management for being able to create new sustainable partnerships and sponsors.

The event was well attended by the supporters, listeners, partners and invited guests who were serenaded by the wonderful sounds of Nathi Mankayi, Amanda Mankayi and other local artists. The event was short of nothing in the entertainment scene as the Program Director was non other than Luyanda Potwana from Nyan’Nyan who related with the crowd from start to finish with in between remarks of the radio industry and how important it is to constantly work on your brand as a presenter.

What stood out the most was the support the presenters got especially when they received the awards on stage and getting standing ovation from their best fans, and the overall award that everyone was anticipating was the Best Presenter award that went to Bongani Mathenjwa who was celebrated with an overwhelming standing ovation and applause.

An inspiring and highlight that was comforting and assuring was the giving of certificates to every employee of the station as a token of appreciation and a job well done.


Please look forward to seeing all the pictures of the winners, the guests and the artists who graced the stage.

Global Citizen festival Africa

The Festival is initiated by the Motsepe Foundation in its hope to inspire leaders and challenging them to take charge of the worlds alleviation of poverty and fighting of diseases across Africa, indeed the concert was a success with an inspired theme of Nelson Mandela.

The event was very successful with the likes of Oprah, Beyonce, Jay z, Ed sheeran, Tyler Perry, Trevor Noah, Naomi Campbell, Bonang, Dbanj and Many more international and local artists who graced the stage for speeches and performances, One thing that all the speakers had in common was the world leaders need to stand together to eradicate poverty and fight illnesses, “walking in the shoes of Mandela is impossible but working towards achieving his goals together is possible.

The festival had a series of workshops, one panel that was discussing the legacy of Winnie Mandela was led by Pearl Thusi and the key area that was focused on how can women be taken seriously and follow the path of Mam’Winnie Mandela, her dress attire stated the facts of her statements. among Pearl Thusi on the workshops were the likes of Enhle Mbali, Unathi Msengana, Maps Maponyana and many more.

The aim of the event was to raise funds of up to a billion rands but it sky rocketed and surpassed the 1 Billion as people were pledging millions to a billion, the total amount initially was R98 Billion but our national President, Cyril Ramaphosa added 2 Billion on behalf of South African citizens that made up in 100 Billion raised in Total, going to Education, Poverty, Sanitation and Health.

The dark side of the event was the security outside the stadium where people were robbed, mugged and violated, the citizens were traumatized by this experience especially after a global movement advocating movements. This all happened at a close by SASOL Garage.

Rands Club

The club had a series of events that is called #TheUltimateWeekender this past weekend that kicked off with the headliners like Black Coffee on Friday, Zonke on Saturday and Busiswa, Tipsy and Dladla on Sunday, All these events were electrifying and trending all over Cape Town and the crowd was down to party with their favorite headliners.

You could totally tell it was the beginning of a festive season, People dressed to impress and for summer. most appreciation people has for the place is how safe it is as the security is tight and visible hence the crowd of different races enjoying themselves carefree.

The club is closing off their Ultimate weekend with the BET Award winner Sjava, Black Motion and many others, Zibonele FM will be there on the VVIP area for a meet & greet or to take pictures with your fave local celebrities.

If you want to know of a club headliner this festive season Rands is the best place to go to.



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