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Written by on 27/12/2018

We hope and wish everyone is still enjoying their festive season and had a wonderful Christmas

On Christmas day our Presenters were busy sharing light with a lot of our loyal supportive listeners of the station, here are some stories they shared:

Our Presenters Thabitha, Ntobsie, Qunta and Programs Manager Mr Nokhatywa, went to visit some of the elders who are loyal listeners and give support to the station one of them being Mrs Ndika Ndika and her lovely family, the day was joyous as she couldn’t contain her excitement and prepared a lovely meal for our presenters where they celebrated with nice music, laughter and sharing memories.

Zanele Shwane was invited at the “Khayelitsha E section” to celebrate Christmas with a loyal and supporter of her show and the station Mam’Mazkhali and her family who loves Zibonele FM presenters and treats them like family, they had a nice lunch prepared by Mazkhali and her family. Zanele Shwane is so fond of Mazkhali that she bought her a lovely gift that she will cherish forever. It was indeed an evening to be remembered for Mazkhali as she sang praises about the Zibonele the entire duration of lunch.

Manga Manga our Sports Guru was invited at “Khayelitsha C section” by Noxolo Kuta who is a listener and supporter who wanted to appreciate Manga’s talents on the airwaves and the hard work Zibonele FM does throughout the year, The lunch was amazing as Manga says that Noxolo prepared a mouthwatering turkey with amazing side dishes that our presenter enjoyed very much, Noxolo and her family were very welcoming and really enjoyed Manga’s company.

A general view of most people we have spoken to about Christmas this year was that it seemed to be a very quiet day, years back you could even feel the significance of Christmas with wonderful aroma’s of food and kids wondering around with their beautiful Christmas clothes and visiting other households and ask for Christmas.

This year was so quiet that you wouldn’t even see many people on the streets cheering on and kids flaunting their new outfits, but mostly people in general enjoyed themselves and even better with cousins, Aunts and all other family siblings that come over for holidays.


With that said Zibonele FM wishes everyone a wonderful rest of the festive season, keep safe and dont drink and drive.

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