Voices from Clifton Beach

Written by on 31/12/2018

Black People National Crisis Committee has been the champions of opening the beach to black people by hosting a picnic at the beach in hopes of reclaiming the beach and for the beach to be public to everyone who wishes to use it.

It is not yesterday news that two of our most beautiful beaches in Cape Town being Clifton Beach and Camps bay have always been treated as Racial segregation and mostly Clifton Beach being an only White peoples beach.

Early this year most black people have voiced out about the racism that happens at Clifton Beach, the beach even has a visible security systems to keep away black people from the Beach. Many have called it “An exclusive white bubble for the rich”.

Recently things have been shaken up for the exclusive beach under the #OccupyCliftonBeach by a number of black people who have forced their way to the beach and bypassed the security with the aim of taking back the beach and have it open for everyone to enjoy.

The events that happened were a shock to South Africa and had a major coverage nationally were people kept flocking in at the beach and even slaughtered a Sheep with the aim of cleansing the racism off the beach. Chumani Maxwele of the Black People’s National Crisis Committee said this will be done to cleanse off what he views as racist spirits & to invoke the spirit of Xhosa warrior Makhanda.

EFF and its large number of members later joined in and marched with a theme called “ReclaimOurBeaches” and that the beaches should be enjoyed by everyone and not just a number of rich white people.

The Cape Town city council will lay charges against three of the protesters who slaughtered a sheep at Clifton Beach last week friday. Mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith yesterday said charges would be brought in terms of the city’s by-laws, while the SPCA was preparing to lay charges of animal cruelty against those who performed the ritual slaughter on Clifton’s popular Fourth Beach.

It was part of a protest by lobby group the Black People National Crisis Committee following an incident in which staff from a private security company, Professional Protection Alternatives (PPA), ordered visitors to Fourth Beach to leave, claiming that for the festive season the beach would be off-limits after 8 pm. PPA claimed it was acting on the authority of the City of Cape Town, but the council denies having any contract with the company. Smith said the council has laid a complaint against the company with the private security regulatory authority, PRISA.

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