Year of 2018 Highlights

Written by on 04/01/2019

The year of 2018 has been rather a hectic year for all South Africans, from the national marches leading to former President Zuma’s resignation, women leading a total shutdown march, Racism attacks, and the amazing Global Citizen Festival that brought us the worlds leading artists and prominent leaders, most sadly loosing so many people in the public eye.

Indeed 2018 was a step in the right direction for most women with shouting out loud the violence against them and fighting for equality that they mobilized marches in every corner of Africa for a Total Shut Down, sharing stories they had to endure in the hands of men. The national March was so successful that it even got the attention of the President.

Racism in the year of 2018 has been in the tip of the tongue as most black people had been outraged about these racists statements made, just to highlight a few was from Adam Catzavelos who is family owned quite a few businesses that had to close down because of Adam’s Racist antics, where he called black people the k** word in his time at a private beach.

It didn’t just end there as most racist people were exposed in ill-treating of black people and calling them names, the Racist attacks escalated so bad that in Cape Town there was another shut down of a beach “Clifton Beach” that is in the suburbs of Cape Town. The beach was privatized to the property owners close to the beach which are predominantly white, this raised a lot of eyebrows in the black community that a black movement based in Cape Town mobilized black people to occupy the beach in numbers. this became a historical moment were even the political parties got involved and hosted a picnic with placards and chanting.

Global Festival was a good thing that came off the year 2018, the Festival was planned by Motsepe Foundation and its aim was to raise enough money to help the poor in Education, eradicate poverty, provide shelter and to help the general masses. The event was well attended and had big artists like Beyonce, Jay Z, Oprah and delegates from other countries who came to support the wonderful initiative that helped raise millions of rands, The only thing that was a downside was the security at the event were people were victimized and mugged outside the stadium.

The most sadness of 2018 is when we lost key people who have made a huge difference in South Africa, Mama Winnie Mandela who had been a pillar and shaped a way for women to have a voice and place in the society, Hugh Masikela who his instruments spoke volumes and sound to many in Africa, won awards internationally and a man who challenged black stereotype views in the world, we lost Hip Hop legends Pro Kid and HHP who were pioneers to young MC’s and had national popular songs in Africa. Rest in Peace beautiful Africans you have left your voice beating African sounds.

By Ashia Nkontsa

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