Zibonele FM visits Mcheni Primary school in Tsolo

Written by on 04/02/2020

This is a classroom at Mcheni Primary school

Ashia Nkontsa engaging with Parents

With Mcheni Primary school teachers, Luthando Gqamane from Nothemba Funeral in Tsolo, Eastern Cape

Zibonele FM together with Nothemba Group went to visit Mcheni Primary school on the 3rd of February 2020.

Mcheni Primary school has had It’s image painted by multiple media houses for not having a proper school infrastructure, Zibonele FM being a developmental institution, having expanded its reach to the Eastern Cape and having a lot of followers that side decided to visit the school and see how the organisation can help.

Having contacted the Principal to arrange visit we started collecting shoes because we knew that the kids travel more than 5km to get to school and even cross the river just to get to school, That’s when Nothemba funeral joined the campaign and bought 50 school shoes and in total we managed to donate 100 school shoes, books, etc..

The situation of the school is beyond words, as they go everyday without proper sanitation, water or electricity. The entire education system of Mcheni Primary is driven by weather conditions because if its too hot or raining they can’t proceed with class work because of the condition of the school, broken windows, infact broken everything which is even sad because all the kids and teachers want is fair education for all.

The station and Nothemba funeral pledged to continue working with the school going forward in helping them get the necessary tools to make their institution better.

While they are waiting for the Temporary school structure the Principal of Mcheni school mentioned that he will continue fighting for the betterment of his school and should he need to personally go to the president he will go because so far his attempts with the dept of Education and MEC’s have failed.

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