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Written by on 07/05/2020

All About Me BY Sinelizwi Matshona

Life gets better once you start embracing your uniqueness

My childhood journey has been an experience and being different has a lot to do with it, many times even though I was a child people would look at me differently and I would just shy away roll my eyes and look down and be filled with sadness. That  is something I don’t wish for anyone.

Atleast I managed to make friends with people who understood me at school, I was shy at school that I would stand at the back during assembly and the teachers will look at me and point fingers for me to go to the front, I looked at the  world badly and found people to be very rude.

At school many children will cry for their parents and this confused me because I didn’t cry at all, when I looked around the school I was different by everything, I was whiter in skin complection than other kids and had very long blond hair that it would disrupt me in class and my teacher would call me and tie the hair for me.

When I got to my first grade I made a friend called Lukho Yenge, we were so close that we did everything together and my teacher was so nice that she would put me in the middle of all the class pictures.

Along the way I lost the friendship I had with Lukho in grade 4 but I managed to have another friend in 5th grade called Owam, she was a fun person and would do everything together but it all came to an end when she was moved in another class.

I am now in 6th grade and now that I have embraced the fact that I am different I am more happier, there is this girl I like in class called Sibabalwe that sits next to me, we seem to enjoy the same things, like doing the same things but we haven’t done anything about it but I am hopeful that we will become friends soon.  

NB: The stories are meant for the kids to express themselves during these difficult times to help enhance their writing and reading skills


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