Delft under Covid-19 lockdown level 4

Written by on 16/05/2020

Zibonele FM and The Abundant group in the streets of Delft community in the Western Cape

During the national lockdown Delft seems to be operating as normal with people carrying on with their business as usual, every corner you turn to there are different informal businesses in operation, even though level  4 does not allow many businesses to operate and only essential businesses to resume work this does not apply in Delft as people even operate without wearing masks.

Although the taxi drivers seem to be adhering to the regulations and wearing masks, their passengers are flocked in taxis with no masks on. The regulations specify that no one should be out in public, go to the mall or use taxis without masks on during level 4, of which maybe about 20% adhering to that.

Our Delft visit was during month end and people have been going in numbers to the shops/malls to do their groceries, the queues are so long that the 1.5 meter distance was not adhered to. When you look at the area there are parts of it that are health hazards with sewage and waste that leaves a bad smell that clearly is not good for anyone living in the area.

One incident that happened as we were looking at the area with the Abundant group commissioned by Western Cape to loud hail covid-19 awareness was a lady who was in distress as she shared something that happened at her household during the lockdown. The woman was in emotional turmoil as she related a story about the rape of her 13 years old daughter during the lockdown and how she tried contacting the police and the defense force with no avail or assistance as every time she gets through they promised to visit her place or claim to be too busy to attend to her case. (the case to be followed up by the Zibonele FM news team)

Although Delft is a mix of Colored people and AmaXhosa during this lockdown they have united in terms of helping each other through this difficult time. There is a team of young people who have been leading and pleading to their community to rise up in helping their community to alleviate poverty by means of soup kitchens to feed almost over 300 people a day from donations they receive from local businesses and individuals in and around the area, Asavela Peko who is the director of Sisipho soup kitchen that everyone raves about in Delft says to their donators “it might seem little to you but to our community, Its always a lot”. The Delft home-bred team don’t just end their philanthropists ways in their community but help feed students who couldn’t get home and are now stuck at the University of Cape Town (UCT)   

Delft Sisipho soup kitchen

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