Gugulethu under Covid-19 lockdown level 4

Written by on 16/05/2020

Zibonele FM and Abundant group in the streets of Gugulethu loud hailing to create covid-19 awareness and assessing their situation under the regulations.

Gugulethu is known for its vibrant history, being a home to many politicians and a tourist attraction for travelers from all over the world. Since the country has been hit with COVID-19 the whole Nation has been under lockdown and even though the number of people infected is increasing the government has decided to reduce the levels from level 5 to level 4 which is a bit lenient in terms of regulations.

Like other communities Gugulethu has a high population of poverty stricken families and mostly making ends meet through informal businesses like stalls that sell fruit, meat etc. Every business in Gugulethu has been in operation by the 1st of May even though there is still a high risk of infections.

Level 4 requires only essential businesses to operate but it seems like most people in Gugulethu do not take any of these regulations into consideration, whilst driving around with the Abundant group that was contracted by the Western Cape government to loud hail in efforts to create an awareness about Covid-19 people disregarded the regulations put down to protect them and because most people depend on their small informal businesses to put food on the table they risked it and were in full swing operations.

One of the regulations of the lockdown was to keep social distance of 1.5 meter and what is mostly worrying is the high number of kids that roam around the streets without masks and parents defying the law for not supervising children, we heard one parent saying “what can we do with these kids because they are tired of sitting at home and doing nothing” perhaps another loud hailing contract the Western Cape government need to contract is an awareness on the free different set in place to help kids with their education and other activities that are out there for them to do.

Gugulethu under level 4

Gugulethu is amazing on how easily they can form unity, as of now they have a team led by Mr Vazi Nyakaza who is a social entrepreneur and local activist for Yardini social relief and Vincent Ntunja who is a Basketball legend and philanthropist, they both have led a team that will help slow down the spread of Covid-19 by helping people with the distribution of masks, hand sanitizers, flyers written in people’s home languages, food parcels and have a Monday to Friday running soup kitchen.

Vincent Njunja as they prepare for their food parcel distribution in Gugulethu

Time will tell where level 4 and the next level thereafter will take the Nation especially seeing that the Western Cape Province is leading in the number of infected people with COVID-19.  

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