Covid19 doesn’t have the power, we do!

Written by on 19/05/2020

As a nation we are either infected or affected by the Corona Virus and the Western Cape being the worst province infected and contributing 60% to the total number countrywide, only proves that we have a long road to go and Although non of the campaign’s don’t seem to register with people as if they have given up fighting because even though large gatherings were suspended you will still see a large group of people running and excercizing together without masks, you see shops that had confirmed cases continuing with operations and you see people buying alcohol via back doors with ridiculous amounts of money or making their own alcohol.

You ask yourself with that same energy what could’ve been achieved? Firstly we would use our sober minds to think of ways to flatten the curve, we would stay at home and stop doing dodgy deals of alcohol, we would educate our kids instead of letting them go wild on the streets and come with strategies that will help our businesses during this time.

Unfortunately COVID19 is one for all meaning we are all affected, if we don’t wake up now and take some responsibility we might lose something so dear to us which is our financial freedom or people close to us.

Stand up and tell yourself you won’t take any part in the distruction of this country, you are better than adding to the criminal minds and adding to the covid19 stat. be proud to share the story of 2020 with your children and great children because you know your narrative was to help uplift others and sharing what you had to those who didn’t have but nothing that could have contributed in the hundreds that die because you were careless and reckless.

We need to be strong and abide by the regulations and do our utmost best to stay healthy and Covid19 free, this is our journey and will remain strong and beat this virus together.

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