Dunoon under covid-19 lockdown

Written by on 19/05/2020

The area is high on unemployment and has mostly informal settlements, as you walk through or rather drive through the streets of Du Noon you will notice how dirty the area is and the sewage leakage on the small  streets where next to them are food stands and informal businesses.

Even though there has been recorded cases of people who are infected by Covid-19 people don’t seem to care or follow the regulations of level 4, there was quite a convoy of law enforcement officers and defense force patrolling the area however, although the officers were visible the people in Du Noon carry on with their business in the streets without wearing masks and minding their business.

What is interesting about the area is that the small percentage of those who have their masks on were older people and you could tell that they are only out of their homes because they went for essential shopping, mean while the younger population didn’t care and just standing on the corner of the streets. All different areas we went to there is a troubling notion that kids are immune to COVID-19 or they aren’t easily affected or infected because they were out in numbers playing in groups without wearing masks and with no parental supervision.

People in Dunoon responded to the Abundant group as they were loud hailing about the virus and how people needed to protect themselves to flatten the curve of Covid-19, an awareness campaign that was commissioned by The Premiers office, people in response chanted saying ”we are hungry, where is the food?” thinking the team might have means for grocery hampers.   

One positive thing that we saw in the area was the visibility of the local government conducting tests for the covid -19 and amazingly people were behaving and following the regulations by social distancing and wearing masks.   

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