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My name is Aaron “The Urban legend” Madikane. I was born back in 1965 and  went to school in a small town called  Richmond Cape in the Karroo where I finished my primary education, I relocated to Eastern Cape back in 1979. All these years  radio was my first love I used to listen to Radio Xhosa then and Capital Radio 604. After obtaining my matric certificate my focus was to be on radio by all means. In 1995 I got my first break through and 1998 I joined one of  the most successful regional radio station in the Eastern Cape C.K.I FM. The highlight of my stay there was the programme I hosted to obtain the highest RAMS that was a Jazz programme. Currently I’m a Presenter for Zibonele FM 98.2.

With Zibonele FM I won two musical Awards for the same show twice in a row.

I host 4 shows namely; Uhadi lwakho which is a Jazz show, Yonwaba Nathi also a music show, then I also host a developmental issues  programme which is on air every Tuesday and Thursday between 12h:00 and 15h:00. I also compile music for a midmorning show.

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Zibonele FM

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