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Birthdate and place

My name is Lelethu Ndlabu, I’m 20 years old. I was born in the year 1997 September on the 25th. Even though my name is Lelethu others prefer to refer to me as Ledza or Lele. I was born at the Mowbray Hospital in Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa.

My home is in Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape South Africa though I have spent most of my life here in the Western Cape. My home here in Cape Town is and always has been in a Township called Philippi.

Family Members

I have a lot of extended family, but very close with my immediate family, which resides with me in my home. My parents are both from the same region in the Eastern Cape. I am the first born of three children. Two girls and one boy.

School life and childhood

I went to three different Primary schools, Siyazakha, Kete-Kete and Entshona Primary School. I have never been one to engage in physical activities but participated in art such as drama, dance and music.

My senior years I did at Intsebenziswano Senior Secondary School. I studied Commerce Studies, in which I acquired a bachelors pass on my senior certificate. I also managed to be the top English achiever which earned me a golden medal. Sadly, I was not very good at Pure Mathematics hence I failed the subject but went on to study Mathematical literature after high school which I passed.

I am currently doing my second year towards my degree in Entrepreneurship at CPUT.

Hobbies, Interests and activities

Ever since I knew how to write, I have been writing and reading. Even though I am studying business, my first love will always be acting and entertaining. I am a very vocal person who loves to sing and speak out, (I love to dance too though I can’t).


Most recently, life has given me the highlight of my life when I had an opportunity to be a presenter at one of the most successful community radio station called Zibonele FM.

Though I’ve always been a vocal and quite a character I’ve always pictured myself as an actor than being on radio but being on radio has given me such a grand stand, I’ve learned so much and will surely continue.

I am a very observant person with a very broad imagination. I am a ‘wanna be author’, I feel what I have inside can help so much if they could just read it. I have been working on a book that I wish to release and hopefully by 2019 I will see progress toward this goal.


I wish to start my company someday soon. I believe I have a few ideas that could pass as opportunities that can see my vision through.

I will not let my love for entertainment go however as I plan to pursue it further. Platforms such as Zibonele FM has given me opportunities that can have a huge positive impact on how I ought to carry out my personal life as well as my career.

In conclusion, I feel I have a bright future ahead but can also anticipate the challenges that come with this direction, however I plan on taking each one by making sure I grab each and every opportunity I get.

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