Ronaldo Nombakuse / Reporter & News Reader

I’m Ronaldo Nombakuse a radio DJ and news reader at Zibonele FM, Business Intelligence Business Analyst, Debater, Head of entertainment at Wound of Christ Ministries and I was born in 1996 in Eastern Cape.

I attended my high school in Leiden High from 2009 – 2013, then in 2014 I was enrolled at CPUT to study Information Technology (Business Analysis)  and graduated in 2017, I’m now doing a B tech in Information & Technology Management. I’m a top 45 contestant countrywide on SABC 1 One Day Leader for 2018, and I’m in the top 100 for GradStar awards 2018, which will be in September 26th Johannesburg.

I live by these words “I cannot physically change the world but I can change myself and the society around me can change because it will be seeing change in me, that we as the youth of the Republic would be of such nature that we emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and liberate ourselves technologically, morally, psychologically and ideologically”. Welcome to a new generation an unchained generation that will drive Zibonele FM with integrity and tolerance please count me in.


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