Mawonga Selby Mgwatyu (Wongsta)

1. Define Mawonga Selby Mgwatyu - Mawonga (Wongsta) Selby Mgwatyu was born on the 14 July in Mount Frere eMawusheni the Eastern Cape, I am the last born in a family of 6.
2. Who Inspired Mawonga and Why?
- I was inspired by Linda Sibiya, Putco Mafani, DJ Sbu, Mthandazo Cetywayo and Saba Mbixane. I loved their voices, creativity and flow.

3. What does radio mean to Mawonga?

-To me radio means sharing my knowledge to my audience.
4. If it wasn't for radio where and what would Mawonga be doing?

- If it was not for radio, I would either be an educator or I would still be finding my way into radio.
5. 5 Facts people don't know about me? - I am surprisingly very shy. I'm good in football and swimming. I enjoy my private space.
6. Mawonga's media platforms Facebook: Selby Mawonga Mketelwa Instagram: Selby_raw
7. A role that Zibonele FM played in my life? I learn new things everyday.

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