Zukisa Mbobhi

My name is Zukisa Mbobi I was born in 2001 on the 11th of January by Nosiphiwo Mbobi.I was born in Gugulethu in Kwakhikhi .In 2005 I and my grandmother we move to Eastern Cape in Lady Frere in a small village called makhikhi where I started my grade 1 in Ntabankulu Primary school.

By the time we moved to Eastern Cape we left my mother in Capetown because she was working. In 2008 my mother moved to Eastern Cape to stay with me &my grandmother. By the time my mother moved to Eastern Cape she was sick and I was doing grade 3. So at home there was no electricity no Tv there was only a radio. In my childhood my role model was only a radio presenter, but I didn't know that In one day I would be a radio presenter because I thought it's for people who stay in urban areas.

By 2009 my mom died and I was only left with my grandmother wich she died in 2010 December .By 2011 January my sister's mother took me and I lived with her . I started my Grade 5 in Mthawelanga and finished my Grade 7 in 2013. 2014 I started my Grade 8 in Siphamandla senior Secondary school in Kuyasa . There was a moment when I was in a Xhosa class and in class we were supposed to do reading and I went to read in front of the classroom and I rede the Xhosa book as a news reader, my teacher was amazed by that and she said "One day you will be a presenter "

.After school I went home and turn on the radio just to here where can I find Radio Zibonele because I had that the is community radio station in Khayelitsha. In 2015 by October there was a roadshow and in that roadshow listeners were supposed to act like presenter that they love ,so I acted as Publiq Mbathiwe. So one of the presenters Zamahlubi Mathuluka called me to her show which was children's show .

2016 I started doing sport show with Roger Skade but as time goes by I quit because I was busy with school work. 2017 not sure which month I came back and I did children's show with NTOBSIE MCETYWA but I was not presenter but a Guest presenter. So I worked with NTOBSIE from 2017 until now. In 2020 I started Radio production at Zibonele FM.

In March 2020 i was in Somerset mall and i was busy on Facebook and I got a Inbox from Zweli Nokhatywa the Content manager the massage was like"ndicela ujikele apha xa une chance" I was surprised because I didn't expect that. In the following day I went to him and he told me that I will be co-hosting with NTOBSIE MCETYWA in a show called Isgbhu sasekasi, and the rest is history 😊😊. I thank you .

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